What is the one secret of getting success and growth? 

In this article of Falcons Blog we will shed light on the 1st step towards success. I’ve studied many models, strategies and studies about what it takes to make a person successful and I reached to a conclusion that one of the simplest & most important secrets to growth and success in any discipline is ACTION.

Mark Twain once said: “The Secret of getting ahead is getting started” just a simple ACT of doing things.  It’s too easy to procrastinate, chase perfectionism and over-think things. People often look at business tycoons, successful industry leaders and wonder how and why they are so successful? A very large part of this is that they simply chose to TAKE ACTION. The research shows that the hugely accomplished and successful people are those that simply tried many different approaches until they found one that clicked and worked. There is a very famous example of Thomas Edison that he almost tried and failed for 10,000 times and after that he successfully invented a Light Bulb. So when he was asked that you failed so many times yet you didn’t give up and he replied that “I haven’t failed for ten thousand times. I have found ten thousand ways which doesn’t work”.

Mark Twain also said: “80% of life is just to show up”. Let’s suppose you want to build muscles or you want to loose fat. But you don’t exercise, you don’t show up at the gym. You wait for the right time, right outfit, right partner and right gym and you don’t go to the gym.

We often look at business tycoons, industry leaders & successful entrepreneurs and wonder how and why they are so successful? We admire them and listen to their advice and stories. If we really notice and dig down deep into their past it will be evident that a large part of their story is that they simply chose to take action. Instead of thinking and talking about what they could achieve they overcame their fears, failures, doubts, difficulties and hurdles.

So the question is what can we do today to take some action towards our goals?

Let me tell you a very simple Life Strategy that is guaranteed to lead you to Success:

Taking Action Creates Success

1.Right now think of any idea choose something that you wanted to do and take action now!

2. Do not get caught up by negative thoughts. Overcome your ‘fear’ ‘buts’ or ‘what ifs’

3. Be open to different outcomes, relax and enjoy the productivity of actually ‘Taking Action’

4. Don’t worry if your idea is not totally perfect, it never will be. You can always fine tune it as you go.

5. Learn from your mistakes and choices you made. Even if you don’t get the result you want, you can learn from your experience.

I guarantee you that by taking action and actually DOING SOMETHING (no matter how small) but when you come out of it you will come out feeling positive, enthused and energized. So stop making excuses and wasting time instead just do it now!

Trust me I will be happiest person if after listening to Falcons Podcast or reading my Falcons Blog, you actually did something and I would love to hear from you about how you’ve taken action today. Comment on this post or write to me via email and share your experiences.

Economist Tyler Cowen pointed out an important fact:

Information isn’t what’s scarce; it’s the willingness to do something with it.

Today we have abundance of information. Each and every one of us has access to so much information in the world. Just Google anything you will get any information you need nearly instantly. But if you collect information without using it you are going to get frustrated. 

Let’s you want to learn meditation; you have seen countless videos and read ten books about meditation. But all this effort is not as useful as spending ten minutes actually meditating. You’ve got TO DO the thing.

If you just Google, “how many pillars of Islam”, you will get this result “there are Five Pillars in Islam”.

1. The Profession of Faith—Shahada           VERBAL

2. Daily Prayers—Salat                                   ACTION

3. Alms-Giving—Zakat                                    ACTION

4. Fasting during Ramadan—Saum             ACTION

5. Pilgrimage to Mecca—Hajj                        ACTION

There is 1:4 ratio, only one pillar is verbal whereas all the rest are ACTIONS. This shows that our religion is also emphasizing on taking actions. If you dig down a little deep you will notice that Islam also explains what kind of actions are to be taken. It also defines the RIGHT ACTIONS. In our general life I believe that right action is moving into what is uncomfortable or what scares you. It is pushing towards the thing you normally avoid.

Planning is Expensive & Action is Cheaper

We think that we are not giving up on anything while we chew over our plan for the 100th time. Most of us “play it safe” and we don’t take a single action until we know exactly what to do. We are dead wrong as we don’t realize the cost we pay while planning that is super expensive.

It’s a known fact that The Wright brothers were capable of beating some massive corporations of their times in the race to build the world’s 1st working plane because they practiced action over planning. After every failed experiment, they used go back to their workshop and make tiny, cheap, quick tweaks and then test flight again. While their competitors, the giant corporations would spend months in planning and huge amounts of money before trying another flight. The Wright brothers were able to win and cement their name in history books only because they became skilled at TAKING ACTION. Whereas their competitors lost because they kept on trying to create a more perfect plan and delayed the actions despite being well-financed.

Take action and Execute.

Just Google and study from any renowned website like Harvard, Forbes or Entrepreneur. Many studies and research articles suggest that #1 quality of any successful person is to taking action and executing their plans.

One common advice that every businessman, sportsman, athlete, author, motivation speaker and consultants, coaches etc. will give you, is JUST DO IT kind of attitude. By the way I really like this slogan. Do you know why NIKE had this tagline? And do you know what their latest tagline is and why they changed it? I plan to read the book Shoe Dog but until I do you can comment below and let me know if you know the story or just shoot me an email.

Action heroes that I admire

One of my favorite speeches of all times is the one given by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I always get positively motivated whenever I hear it. Amongst many great advises he has given one golden nugget for us the AWAKEN FALCONS – “Ignore the nay Sayers and do what you believe in”. This is being advised one of the most successful and influential celebrities alive today. I admire him because just like Imran Khan he also reached the top of whatever he set out to do. Be it bodybuilding, Hollywood or politics, he reached the pinnacle of every field.

Another one of the most successful business tycoon, I listen to him often. He is Dan Pena and his title “A billionaire dollar man. High Performance Executive Business Success Coach and Mentor of thousands of multi millionaires calls this generation a snowflake. You know what a snowflake is? It is the one who melts under pressure. It is the one who don’t have guts to take risk and execute. He once said, “Man’s greatest regret in life is unfulfilled potential”. 

Only recently Elon Musk had a crazy idea apart from exploring possibilities of space travel and building electric cars to make a toy called “flamethrower” through one of his companies called The Boring Company. No matter how bizarre it sounds but he executed his idea and within few hours this was the result:

“his company raked in roughly $10 million in around 100 hours.”

Robin Sharma said: Wisdom is knowing, what to do next? skill is knowing how to do it and virtue is doing it.”

We all know what we need to do to live a healthier and happier life. But none of us take action on this knowledge. Knowledge without Implementation is useless. We have all heard that knowledge is power but I disagree. Even Robin Sharma wrote the same in his book that “knowledge is you potential power” it actually transforms once you decide to take action on it. Only then it becomes a super power, a weapon of mass destruction.

The reason behind this blog post and podcast episode was that I personally know many people that have wasted their golden years of life in waiting for a good job or chance to go abroad. Their parents got older and older with the hope that our son will succeed one day and will take care of his responsibilities. I have seen people who have wasted 10 to 15 years without even realizing what they have lost in life. I know I might not be very effective in but if only one person on this earth can benefit from my efforts, I believe it’s worth it. My mentor Sir Iqbal said:

Although I am not master of rhetoric 
Perhaps my words still enter your heart [so you understand them]

In our lives we often spend our days wondering what is our ideal path? the fact is there is NO ideal path. Everyone creates their own path by actually walking on it. Dreaming is very good, I don’t deny the importance of dream, dream big, as big as you can but only dreaming will not make you a successful business, it will not enable you to pay the bills. You cannot become anything by dreaming only, small action and tiny steps move you towards your dreams.

Remember “Doing something is better than doing nothing

Actually let me rephrase it.

“Doing worst is better than doing nothing”.

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