Why an average life is a failed life?


Disclaimer: Mediocrity Not Allowed

If you want to be average and if you don’t have any desire to grow financially, physically, spiritually and mentally then please don’t read any further this write up is not for you. Please shut the window now and go do your average stuff that you do every day. But if you are hungry to achieve more, earn more, do more. If you are excited by the idea of a new challenges in life. If you have the guts to shatter your mental barriers and defy your comfort zone then this article is just for you my man. Lets SHIFT DELETE the word AVERAGE from LIFE.

This is for the ones who want to become Alphas. Who want to become lion and not sheep. Who want to lead and not follow. This is for the ones who want to transform and rise above. This is for the ones who are willing to take the risks and bring revolutionary radical changes in their lives. Then let’s give Mediocrity a hard punch in the face. SWITCH ON to Mr. Greatness and WAVE BYEBYE to Ms. Weakness.



Dear seeker, I have to ask you few questions.


Question # 1:     You know what sucks in life?                    

Answer:               Mediocrity SUCKS.


Question # 2:     Which group of people is the biggest majority in the world?

Answer:               Average people are the biggest majority.


Question # 3:     Which group of people is the biggest minority in the world?

Answer:               Extraordinary people are the biggest minority.


But no one has ever become extraordinary by doing ordinary things, taking the normal approach, living a routine life.


Being average is a disease

Being average is a disease which plagues people, societies and in some cases its plagues whole countries. I call it a disease because just like any other disease you have to find a cure to get rid of it. You have to go through treatment otherwise it will drag you closer to your death bed. One must strive for the cure and not give up until this cancer of mediocrity is cured.

Average-Ness is a plague, an epidemic a pandemic. Heck it’s a more serious problem than the problem of ‘Global Warming’. Because it pollutes the mind, character and will of people. It is one sole reason for many other diseases such as indecision, inaction, doubt, fear, procrastination and settling for an unfulfilled life.


Good news, Bad news and a Worst news

First, I will give you a good one. The good news is, it’s a curable disease. And the bad news is, people give up fighting this infection and settle for a mediocre life. Worst news is most people don’t even realize that they are infected from the virus of mediocrity instead they choose to live a life which no one will remember or even talk about. Not even their own grand children will know who their grandfather was, what kind of life he lived, what was his legacy. The consequences of living an average life are far greater than one estimate. They affect not only and your family members but it will impact your gene and your generations that will come after you.


Rule of Normalcy

  1. It is said that many successful CEOs read 1 book every week. This means almost 52 books per year. Do you think successful people are normal? Let me tell you, the answer is NO, Not at all. Whereas ‘normal’ people don’t even read, one book a year.
  2. Most successful entrepreneurs are known for their work ethics. They are the ones who show up first and leave last. They work harder than everyone else. It is said that many billionaires work atleast 60 hours per week. Whereas ‘normal’ people would show up seconds before reporting time and leave at their earliest. Their work week comprises of 40 hours.
  3. Here are the Google search results for sleep patterns of extraordinary people: Bill Gates sleeps for 7 hours, Richard Branson sleeps for 5–6 hours and Elon Musk sleeps 6 hours. Whereas a ‘normal’ person sleeps atleast for 8 hours and most of the youth sleeps 10 hours.

 You see these are just three areas of life Reading, Working and Sleeping and in these areas only, the differences between ‘extraordinary’ and ‘ordinary’ person’s life are evident. Its little factors, characteristics and habits like these which set them apart from the masses. These are the dividing lines between mediocrity and excellence.

It is a well-established fact that; no one achieves extraordinary result with ordinary actions. No one has lived an extraordinary life with normal routines, normal mindset, normal behaviors and normal steps. All the greats in the history were called abnormal or insane at initial points of their careers. People made fun of Henry Ford when he thought of replacing horses with engines. People laughed at Walt Disney for his idea of amusement park. Sylvester Stallone was rejected by producers many times for his script of the famous film Rocky. But the question to ask is, what kept them going when any normal human being could have quit. The only difference is their mindset backed up by persistent massive amount of actions. Normalcy will never get you towards your goals and success. You have to be somewhat abnormal to pursue your passion.


Raise the Bar

Jodie Foster once said:

“Normal is NOT something to aspire to; it’s something to GET away from.”

Society in general and our education system in particular teaches us to study and finish your degree, then get a job, earn a living, raise a family, retire and die. That’s the routine average life.

Throughout my life I have lived as an average human being. I was an average student with average results, an average cricket player with average scores, an average employee with average income. I had average body, average communication, average friends. See I was content to be ‘average guy’ with average standards of life. Being average means I took normal levels of action in every area of life and that clearly didn’t work. I didn’t shine in any single area, I was master of none. I learned that if I give anything ordinary amounts of attention, sooner than later it will take a dip and eventually vanish.

In the book called 10xRule, the author Grant Cardone has brilliantly explained the concepts of ‘massive action’ vs ‘average actions’. Basically he enforces the idea that in order to achieve extraordinary level of success, you will have to undertake 10 times the action required.

Let’s suppose that I normally bench press 100 pounds of weight and in order to break through the plateau my trainer suggests me to bench minimum 200 pounds. Now for this I need more effort and energy so I will prepare my diet plan and take necessary actions to pull this through. If I show up at the gym with the same normal approach and mediocre action plan, it’s only going to guarantee FAILURE.

Most of us are living lives based on average thinking and normal approach. We wrongly assume that everything operates normally. Most of the time we remain optimistic and always tend to misjudge the action required to make things successful.



An average life is a failed life. Average is the major reason why most people live a FAILED LIFE.

We are born special with unique sets of skills, talents and attributes. Lets live a live that’s memorable. Let’s make our stay here eternal. Why should we settle for an average life when we have in our grasp all things necessary to build an extraordinary life.

As Sir Allama Iqbal said:


Life is a like a shell and ego like a drop of rain
It is unbecoming a shell if it cannot turn the drop into a pearl.

If the ego is self‐preserving, self‐creating and self‐sustaining,
Then it is possible that even death may not make you die.


Life is like a drop of water and most prior wish of every drop of a water is to become the part of a river and eventually the part of see. A man is created for best so it is his duty to recognize himself and become his best version possible. It is the utmost level of human achievement.
If you have the sense of SELF awareness, SELF evaluation and SELF developing. Then there is a possibility that even death can’t overtake you and your name will not be buried with your body. Through SELF development backed up with massive amounts of actions only you can achieve an above average, extra ordinary and eternal life. People will talk about the level of success you achieved even after you are long gone. Just like IQBAL himself is remembered to this day.


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