This is the show for common people with special message. This is the first Urdu / Hindi Podcast of its type. In this podcast I will challenge the status quo and disrupt your thinking patterns by raising questions that normally don’t get asked. We will invite guests from all walks of life and through their life journeys, failures, achievements, decisions, relations we will extract the lessons necessary for us to be inspired and motivated. So stay tuned for more because Javed Bhatti brings you the The Falcons Podcast and commands you to pay close ATTENTION.

The Falcons Podcast Intro

Episode 01 – What is the one secret of getting success and growth? 

I’ve studied many models, strategies and studies about what it takes to make a person successful and I reached to ta conclusion that one of the simplest & most important secrets to growth and success in any discipline is ACTION. Mark Twain once said: “The Secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Just the simple act of doing.  it’s too easy to procrastinate, chase perfectionism  and over-think things. People often look at business tycoons, successful industry leaders and wonder how and why they are so successful? A very large part of this is that they simply chose to TAKE ACTION. The research shows that the hugely accomplished and successful people are those that simply tried many different approaches until they found one that clicked and worked.  

So what can you do today to take some action towards a goal?
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Episode 02 – Interview Samad Abbas Zaidi

Samad Abbas is a renown trainer, consultant and impeccable speaker. He is often seen on TV channels and has been featured on TEDx multiple times. There was not even a single dull moment during the discussion and so many important aspects of life were briefly discussed. Such as Importance of Communication, Self Believe, Parenting, Education, Mentoring, Goal Setting. Samad Abbas is gifted with a unique style of communication and delivery of content. He has most rare ability to connect with audience in such a way that In one moment he can make you laugh and in another he take you in trance. He is an entrepreneur and founder of his own training and consulting firm.  You can find out more about him here ( http://training-consultancy.org/samad-abbas ) or hit him up on Instagram @samad.zaidi 
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Episode 03 – Your Perspective Matters

Your perspective defines you, your values, your culture, your beliefs and your life. It is what controls your thoughts, your decisions and your actions. It has the power to make you or break you. Therefore it is extremely important to maintain it because it is all that matters. In this episode we will discuss few major elements that can help you broaden your perspective and help you broaden your point of view towards your life. 
We must learn to control, mold and maintain our perspectives otherwise it will control you.  
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Episode 04 – Thoughts Are POWERful

Thoughts are things. Your thought are powerful. They can help to manifest your dreams, move you closer to your goals or make you face your greatest fears. If you can gain control over your thoughts you can control your destiny. 
In this episode we shed some light on how powerful thoughts are and discuss their profound impact on our lives. Through some examples drawn from a famous book titled ZAVIA (meaning perspective on angle) by of one of the great Urdu writer Ashfaq Ahmed. And as always we explain some poems on the similar subjects written by the great poet of the east Sir Allama Iqbal.

Episode 05 – Interview Syed Abu Faisal

Syed Abu Faisal is a seasoned entrepreneur with academic and professional expertise in environmental science. He is full of life and high on enthusiasm. He is a founder of multiple startups and he often speaks at events to mentor and guide young falcons of our nation.
In this episode some of the very key aspects of parenthood, family environment, entrepreneurship and our education system are discussed.
What are the basics of high achieving family? Importance of bringing change in our education system. Stories of early childhood entrepreneurial ventures?
What are the key principles for parents to raise high performing children? When and what to learning and is there an end to it? What should be your selection criteria when it comes to your friend circle?
While discussing importance of an IDEA, he said “The Future belongs to those who have great ideas. Few decades ago it was thought that if you have money you can do great in business, then came the notion that if you have manufacturing power you can become successful in business, after that it was thought that if you have great marketing and selling skills you can make fortunes, but now, at present, if you have a GREAT IDEA, you are destined to succeed. “
In the end we also briefly discussed the benefits of Entrepreneurship course we did at IBA and what changes it brought in our lives.
If you are an entrepreneur and a parent, then this is episode packs some great value for you. Even if you are not there yet, you will surely become one very soon, I believe in you. So I suggest you listen to the full episode and do not forget to take notes, rate, review and share this episode with other Awaken Falcons. Without any further delay … ATTENTION: Let’s listen to what Faisal Bhai has to say.

Episode 06 – CHANGE Is Good

The subject of CHANGE is very essential thus almost all the great minds in the history of mankind have shared their remarks on it. Just to give you an idea about the magnitude of importance of ‘concept of change’ I am quoting only couple of quotes from two of the great geniuses that the world ever saw ‘Rumi’ and ‘Einstein’.
“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” ― Albert Einstein
“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Rumi
Change is the only constant and its inevitable. It happens and cannot be avoided or stopped. The only clever thing to do is to adapt to it. In this episode I have tried to shed light on the importance of change as well as highlighted few examples and stories about adaptability and change.
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Episode 07 – Interview Shoaib Ahmed

Shoaib Ahmed Baig is a pioneer of Digital Marketing in Pakistan and a seasoned entrepreneur. He is the founder of multiple startups, biggest of which is off course, ‘Institute of Digital Marketing’. IDM Pakistan is the first institute to offer extensive online courses in Digital Marketing. He also  authored a book called ‘Fast Cash Injection’. He has coached and consulted many national and international companies in the area of Lead Generation & Conversion.
It was Shoaib’s entrepreneurial spirit that converted his idea ‘to launch an exclusive digital marketing training program’ into a top most institute in Pakistan in the filed of Digital Marketing. It was his timely action on that idea which lead to the creation of IDM and eventually resulted in bringing the revolution in this domain.
In this episode, Shoaib shared some of the very personal stories that have never been mentioned before. Listen to the full interview as it packs immense entrepreneurial wisdom. To put the icing on the cake, this episode also contains complete story of how IDM Pakistan started? Some other key points discussed are the importance of mindset in entrepreneurship, how to find a mentor, significance of digital marketing in today’s world. If you are a student and aspire to become an entrepreneur, if you want to become a digital marketer or if you want to know more about IDM Pakistan and its CEO, then this episode packs some great value for you. So I suggest you listen to the full episode and do not forget to take notes, rate, review and share this episode with other Awaken Falcons. Without any further delay … ATTENTION: Let’s listen to the man himself, Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Baig (Founder of IDM).

Episode 08 – Road to SELF Discovery

In this world of chaos, distractions and worries, it is no surprise that many of us go through life without realizing our full potential, without getting to know our talents, our gifts.

One of the difficult things I ever did was to KNOW MYSELF. Self Discovery if one of the toughest roads I have ever taken. And it’s a long walk with lots and lots of surprises. With each valley we evolve and with each peak we are tested. With each turn we are competed and with each bump we are humbled.

Episode 09 – Interview Ranjeet Kumar

Ranjeet is associated with local, multinational corporations and training companies. He is active in training & development field across Pakistan with financial institutions, retail companies, media groups and educational industry and much more. He has trained and coached organizations like, Hyper Star, Imtiaz Super Market, Utility Stores, CSD Market, Metro Cash & Carry, Yunus Textile Mills, Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited, Gul Ahmed, K-Electric, AKD Pvt. limited, Habib Bank Limited, United Bank Limited, Aaj Tv, Aman Tech, Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program, Greenwich, Newport, Biztek, Iqra university. He also appeared on some Metro News 1, Aaj Tv, Atv to share the thought provoking ideas and inspirational scenarios of successful people. A continuous learner by People behavior, Ranjeet has an MBA/M. Phil. in Marketing and Finance, and currently pursuing Ph.D. in Training and Development.
This episode packs high dose of personal development content. Some very unique psychological concepts and management models and strategies were brought into discussion. Make sure to listen to the full episode and review it. Or you can drop me an email directly at mjavedbhatti@outlook.com and if you want to reach out to Ranjeet, he resides in Karachi and could be contacted at ranjeetthecoach.rk@gmail.com

Episode 10 – Dream Big

To achieve bigger things in life, you have to DREAM BIG.

The most powerful thing a person can have, is his dream, no one can take that away from you, Only a big and powerful dream can give you motivation and dedication to move forward in life even if all hope is lost. Your vision and your dream is your anchor in life. If you anchor on weak dreams then you are at severe risk.

Transcript of this episodes is also available on Falcon’s blog

Episode 11 – Interview Maddi Murtaza

Maddi Murtaza is an Entrepreneur, Trainer/Coach, Author and Freelancer. He did his early schooling and college from Hyderabad, Pakistan and Msc Human Resource Management from Sunderland, England.
He is also the founder of Maddiction. Whose flagship projects include Madventure, MadTees and MMMPakistan.
With his upbringing from Hyderabad combined with higher education from England, brings with him a unique flavor cultivated by massive exposure, experiences and grooming from tutors and gurus around the globe. With a quick witted sense of humor and the ability to lead diverse crowds as a team Maddi wins the hearts and minds in no time.

This episode is full of entrepreneurial wisdom and offers some techniques to cope with failures and adversity. If you are an digital entrepreneur or freelancer at beginner or advance level, you cannot miss this conversation. Make sure to listen to the full episode and review it. Or you can drop mean email directly at mjavedbhatti@outlook.com and if you want to reach out to Maddi, he resides in Karachi and can be reached on Facebook @Maddified

Episode 12 – Power of Ask

If I ASK you what’s the most impactful and powerful three letter word is in English language?

The answer to that question is within the question itself.

It’s ASK.

All human progress is a result of someone ASKING a question.

Transcript of this episodes is also available on Falcon’s blog