Why change is inevitable?

One of the most powerful quotes I ever memorized was by a famous personal development guru and a prolific motivational speaker ‘Jim Rohn’. He said:

 You don’t ever have to be the same again after today only by choice.

If you don’t like how it is CHANGE

If it doesn’t please CHANGE

 If it doesn’t suit CHANGE

If isn’t enough CHANGE

If you don’t like your present address, CHANGE it, you are not a TREE.


CHANGE. It’s inevitable and it’s painful.

I fully believe change is good for you. Even when it seems tough, you are learning and growing as a person. Change happens slowly, but it happens. People who resist change and fear new things, new experiences, new ideas, new technology, new approach or new path are often vanished by Change itself. Because ‘Change’ does not wait for anyone, it doesn’t even care if someone adopts it or not. It just happens. Smart are those people, who foresee it, who prepare for it and who adapt it as early as possible to stay in the game of business, to stay in the race of life.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change

Those who adjust and adapt in advance will reap the benefit and those who fear the consequences of advancement will pay a price for it. The choice is always in our hands to adjust accordingly. The grass is greener on the other side and the future will be brighter for those who anticipate change and adapt.

As per one Harvard publication “The next 20 years will see more change than the previous 200 hundred”.  The ideas of self-driving cars, widespread internet access, 3D printing and semi-smart robots is almost a reality now that is waiting to be disrupt many industries who will soon have the tough choice to make, either change or vanish. Just like Nokia which was considered once the leader of cell phone industry, which held the record for the best selling mobile phone of all times. It failed to keep up with the innovative wave brought by Apple and the technological change in the form of an iphone just washed away the giant like Nokia.

Easier said than done

But it is easier said than done. Change is one of the difficult things to exercise in any area or domain. Be it personal development, mindset and belief system, business strategies or anything for that matter. 

There are countless stories and real life examples which prove this concept of “Pain of Change”. But one the famous stories, is a story of an EAGLE or FALCON. There are multiple reasons why I have decided to identify my personality and brand with this bird known as the “King of Skies”. Among many reasons, which I plan to explain in length in a separate blog, there is one strong reason that a FALCON is one of the most adaptable animals on our planet. It is the ruler of sky in deserts and it’s the king of cold winds in the most remote corners of the globe and it even dwells on deep seas, highest mountain peaks, tallest tress and damp forests.

Rebirth of an Eagle

It is said that an Eagle has one of the longest life span amongst other birds. In good health, it can live up to 70 years. But that’s a rare scenario as not every eagle is capable to make a hard decision of adapting the CHANGE. It is said that in its 40’s, eagle’s long and flexible talons can no longer hold its prey and it’s sharp beak becomes so long that it bents down. At this stage, the lone Eagle could not hunt and is left with only two choices’

#1 Sit still and wait for death  Or  #2 Go through a painful process of change.

The courageous ones always choose the difficult path which bears the most precious gift called life. So, the Eagle flies to a mountain top. Once there it undergoes the excruciating pain by knocking its beak against a mountain top until it plucks it out. After plucking the old beak, the Eagle waits for a new beak to grow back and after that it plucks out its talons. Then again wait for new talons grow back.  After months of painful change the Eagle is reborn and then it goes on to live for 30 more years.

In order for us to live a long and successful life, we also need to constantly change our way of life. Change is always needed in order to thrive and sometimes it becomes necessary even to survive; to get rid of bad habits, negative relations, old memories, past traditions and to gain freedom from burdens of the past.

Change starts from within

You can literally change the world, but you are going to be willing to change yourself first.

There are few things that are not in our control and we cannot change them like universal truths. But what we can do is to adapt and change ourselves, our thinking, our routines, our acts etc.

Its simple, if you want to move forward in life, excel in your career, grow your business, learning to swim, working out to getting in shape,  or even starting a company ?


Everything changes and nothing stands still.

Everything flows and nothing stays.
Everything flows and nothing abides. 
Everything gives way and nothing stays fixed. 
Everything flows; nothing remains. 
All is flux, nothing is stationary. 
All is flux, nothing stays still. 
All flows, nothing stays.

As quoted by Plato:

Same analogy applies to all things and humans too.

  • Human body changes, from toddler in the cradle and to being old man on a death bed, our body goes through internal and external changes like hormonal, psychological, physical, emotional changes.
  • Even nature has 4 seasons, each with different weather conditions. Animals have already learned to prepare for the winter, by eating as much as they could, hiding their food, and or hibernating.
  • Animal know that “You can’t change the weather, you can’t change situations” so they prepare in advance and change themselves to keep up with environmental change.

There are few things that are not in our control and we cannot change them like universal truths. But what we can do is to adapt and change ourselves, our thinking, our routines, our acts etc.

It’s simple, if you want to move forward in life, excel in your career, grow your business, learning to swim, working out to getting in shape, or even starting a company?


IF YOU SEEK GROWTH, YOU WILL HAVE TO CHANGE.  It’s never too late to change your mindset, to change your lifestyle. Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It’s one day or day one.

As my mentor Sir Allama Iqbal also wrote in his famous book Zarb-e-Kalim:

Your prayer cannot change the Order of the Universe,
But it is possible that praying will alter your being;
If there is a revolution in your inner Self
It will not be strange, then, if the whole world changes too

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