“Attention is the most important currency that anybody can give you. It’s worth more than money, possession, or things.” – Ben Parr

Everybody is fighting for attention.

From big brands to corporate giants. From Hollywood celebrities to politicians. From teenage boys and girls to the grey haired folks.

 There is a war going on everywhere just to get that one moment of attention from you. Companies sped fortunes on marketing and advertisement to get customers attention. Politicians and celebrities have scandals, sacrifice their integrity and in some cases even fabricate publicity stunts just to acquire mass public attention.

We are all attention seekers

That’s the hard truth and its better to accept it. Here is the real life example. Have you ever noticed that when you enter a conference room or a classroom and everybody is busy listening to the lecture OR may be talking to each other while having a cup of tea, even though everybody is busy in their stuff and hardly anyone even notices you entering the room but you feel like all eyes are upon you? Well that’s the only feeling you have when your mind shuts off everything else and your entire focus is on this one brief moment, that you are the center of attention and everyone’s eyes are glued to you and you feel like you are under a microscope. In reality that’s not what actually happens, nobody gives a damn about you entering the room. We think that we are the attention center in moments like these but infact it is what we wish for deep down inside and that’s the reason why we always comb our hair, shine our shoes before entering in such a situation. Similarly that’s the only reason why we check on our social media feeds for hundreds of time after posting a picture or updating a status or uploading any type of content on any platform. It is our innate desire to acquire attention of masses. Everybody wants to be a rockstar.

Attention is the new currency

So believe it or not, Its not Bitcoin, Attention is the new currency. It is the most valuable asset in today’s fast paced and every evolving digital world. We are all trading on it every moment we spend on our device screens. All the famous internet gurus rave about “CONTENT IS THE KING” or CONTENT IS THE NAME OF THE GAME, I wonder why content? And the obvious answer is because only through captivating and gripping content you will be able to hook the attention of your viewers. As one of my teacher used to say, “Your content should be Lick-able”. His literal meaning was that your content should be of such a caliber that after consuming it, your viewers should LICK their screens.

Do you know as per research the average attention time of a social media user is less than 6 seconds and that’s why all the ads you see on youtube or any social media stream is only that long and there is a ‘Skip’ button after that timeframe. This shows that it’s a very small window to grab the user’s attention and convey your message, build your brand position and activate their senses to eventually take interest and then action.

But why is it so hard to get attention from someone? Why is it so scarce? And what’s the secret formula to achieve that mastery to acquire mass attention instantly? What are the important ingredients to have in your personality so that people give you instant attention?

All of these are great questions and these are the reasons why I have researched and compiled this article. But I do realize that it would be against what I preached in this post if I drag the article more. So if you want to find out about how we can grab someone’s attention in REAL world then please read the sequel of this article where I will define the 5 important steps to understand and consider about wining anyone’s attention. Also will elaborate 7 golden triggers to intrigue someone with your charms.

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